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I have a map filled with regions, If you hover over a region or click it, A box(div) will appear.

When I hover over a region, The box(div) appears but doesn't dissapear after moving the mouse away from it, So if I got this right that means I need to have a toggle or something like that, but for hovering. I spent a few hours searching around here and other places, Tried some codes, But none worked.

So I'm wondering what is the code for toggling a .hover and toggling for .click What is it I'm doing wrong here, or am I using the wrong code entirely?

Here is the webpage I'm testing this on: http://iseeit.no/maptest/

Here is the code I have in my jquery: (.no19, .no2, .no1 are the regions)

$(".no19").hover(function() {

$(".no2").hover(function() {

$(".no1").hover(function() {

I tried something like this and a bunch of other, this seems to be the correct code but I can't get it to work properly:

 $(".no19").hover(function() {

Here is a snippet from the css:

#vest-agder {
    background: #111;
    background: rgba(0,0,0,.8);
    color: #eee;
    display: none;

Here is a snippet from the html:

<div id="vest-agder">
    <!-- agent address in the first region -->

I have also put all the coding for html, jquery and css in jsfiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/cpKFf/1/ I've never used jsfiddle, so I have no idea how to set it up properly but I guess it need all the graphical components to show the map correctly. The code you see there is the result of this: http://iseeit.no/maptest/

Hope I made myself clear :)

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I'm no expert in jquery, but shouldn't it be $(this).toggleClass('display');


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You need to do something like:

$(".no1").hover(function() {

  function()  {  $("#akershus").css({"display":"none"});   }


The hover takes two functions

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