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I have an iframe issue ( little bit strange for me ) . The issue is that i have an iframe in my document, and there are several functions are operating different task on that iframe and for accessing the contents of iframe we use :


So instead of writing this long statement i used a global variable :

var i = $("iframe").contents();

But this is not working well, like

alert( i.find("someelement") );    

=> undefined


=> [object]

Whats the problem here?

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paste your complete code like where have you declared i – user1432124 Jun 8 '12 at 7:10

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var i = $("iframe").contents();


window.i = $("iframe").contents();

As i has a lesser scope than window, which is used to declare global variables in JavaScript.

But one more thing is, you cannot modify any items inside the iframe, if it is from a different domain. Hope this helps.

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You are probably overwriting i somewhere, or it's not global. To ensure it's global, don't use var. Instead, define window.i = ...; and always refer to window.i. This avoids possible confusion with a local variable (which can happen quite often given that i is almost always used as an iterator variable). Also make extra sure you always declare i as local if you're using it for anything but the iframe (such as the aforementioned iterator).

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Is the content of your iframe on the same domain as the page where it is interted ?


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