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Im trying to POST 2 arrays with jquery and ajax. Here are my 2 arrays: myArray1[id] , myArray2[id] (id can take values from 0 to a variable Num-1) so for example i can access them with a simple For loop like this

for(id=0; id<Num; id++){

Is it possible when i trigger an event to POST all the contect of these 2 tables with ajax to a php? If there was not tables and just variables(myArray1 and myArray2) i would be doing something like this:

data : "myArray1ID"+ id + "=" + (myArray1) + "&" +"myArray2ID" + id + "=" + (myArray2) 

So can i do something like this in order to POST the arrays, maybe with a For loop?

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  {myArray1ID: myArray1, myArray2ID: myArray2},
  function() {
    // success function

If your data chunk it huge then try to make a string and send it like {data: YOUR_QUERY_STRING}

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Yeah, it's hard to imagine the data is so large that you have to break it up into multiple requests. Send 'em all at once is a lot saner. – bdares Jun 8 '12 at 7:19
Yes but its a POST so i think i wont have problem to send them with one request. My problem to your answer is that i want to send them with the format that ive wrote in the data: . With your code i wont be able to send all the array content and with the format that i wont. So maybe is better to make a very big string with the array values and names and send this string?? – man_or_astroman Jun 8 '12 at 7:29
@lucky13 yup, if your data chunk it huge then try to make a string and send it like {data: YOUR_QUERY_STRING} – thecodeparadox Jun 8 '12 at 7:37

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