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I am using Powerpoint 2007 and I have set up hyperlink from slide A to slide B in the same document. In the slide show, the hyperlink is working perfectly.

But after slide B, how can I return back to slide A itself?

My slide structure is as follows :

Slide A -> Link 1 to Slide B (after viewing slide B, should return back to Slide A)
           Link 2 to Slide C
           Link 3 to Slide D

How can I do this? When I set hyperlink, there is a option like SHOW AND RETURN, but it's disabled by default. How to enable it?

Please Help. Thank you

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Link to Last Viewed Slide (or words to that effect).

That will always return you to the slide viewed immediately before the current slide.

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Sorry.I could not understand.How to apply that link from one slide to another slide? –  EscalinNancy Jun 14 '12 at 19:03
Add a hyperlink as you normally would, choose Place In This Document, then choose Previous Slide –  Stephen Rindsberg Jun 22 '12 at 11:36

Mark hyperlink, then Home -> Drawing -> Action Settings and there will be settings Last slide viewed

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