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I have the following git tree :

branch v2 =>                    / --- [lots of work] --- [new version] --- ref_d
  root --- ref_a --- ... --- ref_b (project reset)
branch v1 =>  \ --- [some works] --- ref_c

As v1 and v2 are really different, two different team will maintain v1 and v2, I would like two separate branch two to different git repository as :

repo_v1 : from root to ref_c
repo_v2 : from ref_b to ref_d

How should I do this ? Thanks.

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The following assumes you have your two separate new repos set up as remotes named repo_v1 and repo_v2.

The v1 branch is easy:

git push repo_v1 ref_c:v1

The v2 branch isn't that hard:

git checkout --orphan v2 ref_b
git cherry-pick ref_b..ref_d
git push repo_v2 v2

(git checkout --orphan <branchname> <startpoint> creates an entirely new history that starts from the specified point but doesn't have any of that commit's parents.)

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