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I only want the person who I have assigned the task to see the task in the project module. I don't want other users of the project to see this persons tasks.

However currently any user who has user access rights can see all the tasks even if they were not assigned it.

Is there a work around this ?

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OpenERP has two kinds of security restrictions that can be assigned to a user group:

  • Access Rights are CRUD yes/no flags (similar to Unix FS permissions), and allow per-model access control. They state whether members of this group may perform a Create, Read, Update, and Delete operation on any document of a certain document model (e.g. a project task). The default policy is DENY, so by default any operation will be refused if the user does not explicitly have the right to perform it via one of her groups' access rights.
  • Record Rules are filters applied on CRUD operations, and allow per-document access-control, once access right are already granted. Users will only be able to perform an operation on a given document if the document matches at least one of the record rules. The default policy is ALLOW, so if no rule exists for a given model, all documents of that model may be accessed by users who have the necessary access rights.

Both Access Rights and Record Rules may also be defined globally without assigning them to a specific group, in which case they apply to everyone. There is one pitfall for Record Rules: global rules may NOT be relaxed by other rules (on purpose!), so use with care.

In your case it looks like you should define one extra Record Rule on the Project User group that explicitly restricts access on Project Tasks to your own tasks (and presumably those that are not assigned yet). You need to create a new entry in the Security Rules menu with these parameters:

  • object/model: project.task
  • name: See own tasks only
  • domain: ['|',('user_id','=',False),('user_id','=',user.id)]
    • (means: your own tasks and unassigned ones)
  • apply for read: [x]
  • apply for write: [x]
  • apply for create: [x]
  • apply for delete: [x]
  • groups: Project / User

The domain of a record rule is a standard OpenERP domain that is evaluated on the records on which you are trying to perform the operation, and can refer to a user variable that contains the current user's data (technically, a browse_record on the current user). Look for search() in the list of ORM methods for a full description of domain.

If you want to allow special users (e.g. Project Managers) to view all tasks in the system, you can relax this rule for them by adding another rule to the Project Manager group which allows access to all tasks. There is a special "domain filter" that means "ALLOW ALL" and is useful to relax another stricter rule: [(1,'=',1)].

Note: Have a look at the existing Record Rules to see what they're doing first, and be sure to read the explanations on the Record Rule form when you are adding yours. And remember that if you do something wrong with Access Rights and Record Rules, you can always fix the mess with the admin account, as these security restrictions do not apply to the admin (similarly to the root user on Unix).

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Nice answer, Olivier, I didn't know about record rules. I'm glad to see you're becoming a regular contributor here. –  Don Kirkby Jun 9 '12 at 0:17
thank u for the detailed answer. this worked for me [('user_id','=',user.id)] –  Vishal Khialani Jun 11 '12 at 15:05
see here for record rules in XML : help.openerp.com/question/12667/… –  Jonatan Cloutier Jun 5 '13 at 17:55
I found no object with name project.task ? –  coding_idiot Jan 9 '14 at 17:01

Note: In OpenERP 7 you have to modify or disable the defualt rule called

Project/Task: employees: public, portal, employee or following or assigned

To get your rule working.

Hope this help.

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how to modify this such that project-managers should be able to see all but others should be able to see only their tasks ? –  coding_idiot Jan 9 '14 at 17:04
thanks, I was able to figure out. –  coding_idiot Jan 10 '14 at 9:06

Create a new security rule, select Object as "project.task" ,give domain filter as [("user_id","=",user.id)]. No need to add any groups, so that it will be global. Thats it!

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As already pointed by @user1534055 in openERP 7, it's a bit-different.

Find the rule named Project/Task: employees: public, portal, employee or following or assigned

Find the associated record rule

Edit it and remove ('project_id.privacy_visibility', 'in', ['public', 'portal', 'employees']), '&', from the rule definition and hit Save.

After this tasks will be visible to only those who've been assigned.

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