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Given a sample data frame:


    ID C1 C2 C3
  1  A  3  3  5
  2  B  2  7  4
  3  C  4  3  3
  4  D  4  4  6
  5  E  5  5  3

What is the best way to create a second data frame that would contain the ID column and the mean of each row? Something like this:

ID  Mean
A    3.66
B    4.33
C    3.33
D    4.66
E    4.33

Something similar to:


I'd like to keep the means aligned with their ID's.

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What about this:

data.frame(ID=DF[,1], Means=rowMeans(DF[,-1]))
  ID    Means
1  A 3.666667
2  B 4.333333
3  C 3.333333
4  D 4.666667
5  E 4.333333
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Starting with your data frame DF, you could use the data.table package:


## EDIT: As suggested by @MichaelChirico, setDT converts a
## data.frame to a data.table by reference and is preferred
## if you don't mind losing the data.frame

# EDIT: To get the column name 'Mean':

DF[, .(Mean = rowMeans(.SD)), by = ID]

#      ID     Mean
# [1,]  A 3.666667
# [2,]  B 4.333333
# [3,]  C 3.333333
# [4,]  D 4.666667
# [5,]  E 4.333333
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Thanks. Also note from class(DF) that you don't lose the data.frame, in the sense that any function looking for a data.frame object should accept DF after setDT (especially now that data.table is on the mature side) – MichaelChirico Jul 26 '15 at 14:40
What if I want instead the row mean between C2 and C3 only? – user3841581 Feb 23 at 22:44
Then you can use DF[, .(Mean = rowMeans(.SD)), by = ID, .SDcols = c("C2", "C3")]. The argument .SDcols determines which columns you want to include in .SD. @user3841581 – BenBarnes Feb 24 at 12:38
well done. It works perfectly. +1 – user3841581 Feb 26 at 4:58
@BenBarnes In my case I am not sure about the actual number of columns I want to take rowMeans, they could be 196 in some cases while 198 in other and so on. But one thin which is common is the initial of their name which are like Mgw.1, Mgw.2 ... Mgw.196 similarly Hel.1, Hel.2 ... Hel.198 So what I want to do is donont touch intial 5 columns of the data.table then all those which has initials Mgw, take their rowMeans and assign it to MGW (delete all individual column, just keep one with mean value) and so on for the rest of the columns. Can you guide me how can I do that? – Newbie 15 hours ago

You can create a new row with '$' in your data frame corresponding to the Means

DF$Mean <- rowMeans(DF[,2:4])

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