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I am running teamcity on Linux server, and it was working completely fine. Once I reboot the server machine and it stopped working. I managed to start the teamcity server using runAll.sh command, but the build agent stays in "disconnected" state. The inactivity reason is being shown as 'server shutdown'. I tried to start the agent using 'agent.sh stop' and 'agent.sh start' but it does not seem to work. Could not get anything meaningful from the logs.

Kindly help.


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On the machine that restarted, make sure the firewall didn't come back up in a state that blocks access to/from the agent. When you restart the agent, the teamcity-agent.log file should have a line saying something like, "buildServer.AGENT.registration - Registering on server". If it succeeds, it should say something like "buildServer.AGENT.registration - Registered: id:.., authorizationToken:..".

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Incase, if you modified the teamcity port then you'll need to change the build agent configuration files to reflect the new serverUrl value. You can find this setting in the C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\conf\buildAgent.properties file.

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