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i'm using the autosuggest plugin to let users add their friends to a chat.

now what i'd like to have is a single line input with limited width and height.

drew's plugin basically adds divs into the place of the original input and adds an input field at the end. this leads to an overflowing div, when a lot of usernames are entered.

i already came up with the idea of wrapping this autosuggest input in another div, so that i control the overflow.

now, what i'd like to do is, expand this div to the right, so that the user can enter as many names as he likes and hide only the horizontal overflow (and so still be able to see the results)

any ideas?

the wrapper and my function that loads the autosuggest:

<div style='border: solid 1px #bcc6d9;width:209px;white-space: nowrap;background-color:#ffffff;'>

the corresponding function:

function load_autosuggest_input($target_id, $option, $style,$target_classes = "none", $start_text = "Enter Name Here", $where_to = "none"){

if($target_id == "topmenu_searchbar")
    $where = "_top_searchbar";
   $where = ""; 

$resource_url = "json_getallusers.php?what=".$option."&";

$html = "
<div style='".$style."'>
<input name='".$target_id."' id='".$target_id."' ";

    if($target_classes!="none"){ $html .= "class='".$target_classes."' "; }

$html .= "type='text' height=2 style='padding:0;margin:0;'>

activate_autosuggest".$where."('".$target_id."','".$resource_url."', '".$start_text."');

return $html;

the corresponding js function:

function activate_autosuggest(target_id,resource_url, as_startText){

$(document).find('#' + target_id).autoSuggest(
                          {selectedValuesProp: 'value',
                          selectedItemProp: 'name',
                          searchObjProps: 'name',
                          minChars: 2,
                          matchCase: false,
                          asHtmlID: target_id,
                          resultsHighlight: false,
                          startText: as_startText,
                          selectFirstDataItem: true,
                          formatList: function(data, elem){
                        var my_image = data.image;

                        var newhtmlfor_autosuggest = "<div style='height:30px;'><div style='float:left;background:url("+my_image+"); background-size:30px 30px;width:30px; height:30px;margin-right:5px;'></div><div style='float:left;height:30px;'><div style='height:15px;line-height:15px;'>"+data.name+"</div><div style='height:15px;line-height:15px;color:#aaaaaa;'>"+data.bottomline+"</div></div></div>";

                        var new_elem = elem.html(newhtmlfor_autosuggest);
                        return new_elem;

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Can you post some code? –  Jim Jun 8 '12 at 9:14
yeppers... and... done =) –  Ben Greene Jun 8 '12 at 9:26

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