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Please help with Visual Studio Lightswitch/Visual Studio Express.

I have a solution with a nunit tests project. To run unit tests I am using the below line, which attaches the debugger to the nunit runner.

NUnit.Gui.AppEntry.Main(new string[] { Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().Location });

Under Visual Studio Express it works fine but when this solution is opened with Lightswitch I am getting an error saying "The debugger is not properly installed".

I tried to debug from ReSharper's runner, which gives an error saying "Cannot launch debugger. Error code: -1989083114". Simply running tests with ReSharper works fine.

Any help appreciated!


Just to make sure I'm clear: No, this is not a Lightwitch application but I want to use VS Lightswitch to have ReSharper, which is not available for Express. Also Lightswitch does have some more features than Express.

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Apparently this is not possible with Lightswitch, at least according to the guys at MSDN

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