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I have this url inside a variable image:

 image = http://graph.facebook.com/111111111111111/picture?type=square

I want a regex ruby for replace the last string after equal symbol = for these urls:

image = http://graph.facebook.com/111111111111111/picture?type=small
image = http://graph.facebook.com/111111111111111/picture?type=large
image = http://graph.facebook.com/111111111111111/picture?type=normal

the number 111111111111111 is a 15 digits number.

How can I do it?

Thank you very much!

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Rather than providing you with a regexp that will solve your problem, let me share this link with you: ruby-doc.org/core-1.9.3/Regexp.html, pay attention to "Repetition" section –  Anton Jun 8 '12 at 9:25
Thank you very much! –  hyperrjas Jun 8 '12 at 11:04

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s.gsub(%r{(http://graph.facebook.com/\d{15}/picture\?type=)\w+}, '\1replaced')
#=> "http://graph.facebook.com/111111111111111/picture?type=replaced"
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