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Is there some convenient way to convert array


to hash-tree structure but only with one single branch, like so:

{node: {a: {node: {b: {node: :c}}}}}
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You may use reduce to get the result:

l = [:a, :b, :c]
t = l.reverse.reduce{|h,v|{v=>{node:h}}}  # {:a=>{:node=>{:b=>{:node=>:c}}}}
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Something like that will do:

 l=lambda{|ar| if ar.empty? then 
        ar.length==1 ? {:node=>ar[0]} : {:node=> {ar.shift => (l.call ar)}}
 puts l.call a

Not sure if there's any easier way.

UPD: whoops, didnt notice it has something to do with ActiveSupport. Anyway, converting this hash to the structure you need shouldnt be difficult.

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