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I am a comp sci student with several years of experience in C and C++, and for the last few years I've been constantly working with Java/Objective C doing app dev and now I have switched to web dev and am mainly focused on ruby on rails and I came to the realization that (as with app dev, really) I reference other code wayyyy too much. I constantly google functionality for lots of things I imagine I should be able to do from scratch and it's really cracked my confidence a bit.

Basic fundamentals are not an issue, I hate to use this as an example but I can run through javabat in both java/python at a sprint - obviously not an accomplishment and but what I mean to say is I have a strong base for the fundamentals I think?

I was wondering how often you guys reference other code and does it just boil down to a lack of memorization of intricate tasks on my part? I know what I need to use typically but reference syntax constantly. Would love some advice and input on this, as it has been holding me back pretty solidly in terms of looking for work in this field even though I'm finishing my degree.

tl;dr: I google for code examples for basically ALL semi advanced/advanced functionality, how to fix this and do you do as well?

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You're right, sorry about that wasn't thinking. –  Newly Insecure Jun 8 '12 at 10:03

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I think most people google for code examples when starting something new that they have not dont before, as otherwise you have to trawl through the api's making mistakes along the way only to discover that you should have implemented your code another way.

with time you will learn how to implement code in a better more functionaly way, but this comes with time. if you are still in university you are just learning and not really coming across real world scenarios.

one thing i will say to read up on is "design patterns", they dont seem to teach them in universities, and they are without doubt the most important thing to learn... they are basically how to approach scenarios and there are plenty of books about them, if you are doing java i would recommend the head first design patterns book

dont despair, you will always look up code examples for the rest of your life, but hopefully with time and practice you will have to do it less and less.

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Thanks for your response, much appreciated. I have been wanting to attend a couple local hackathons but I would hate to be the only person there not hammering out code sufficiently and have 20 tabs of github/google open instead. :( Sort of a confidence killer. –  Newly Insecure Jun 8 '12 at 10:02

Today, with Google and Wikipedia, the need to memorize advanced algorithms is less than it used to be. On the other hand, a few years ago people used reference books instead of the Internet to do the same thing, so basically only the medium have changed.

Also, after using a certain algorithm a number of time, you will start to memorize it and will need to look it up less and less.

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