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In my app, I have my main view and when i click a button, a UIPopoverController is shown over my main view (not fullscreen so i still see the view behind) containing a UITableView. When I click one of the tableview cells, I want to show a custom view centered on screen (simple view informing the user that the app is processing) that will fade in and fade out during a specific amount of time.

The problem is that my custom view always appears UNDER the UIPopover...I tried all I can think of, bringSubviewToFront etc...Nothing works... I also tried to wrap my custom view in a UIViewController and use [mainView presentViewController:myCustomView ...] but when I do that the main view disappear

Someone can help? Thx

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Duplicate of How to add a view on top of a UIPopoverController –  Ole Begemann Jun 8 '12 at 10:39

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Thx Ole Begemann, this question was indeed a duplicate. Although, the solution to my problem is not to subclass UIWindow but to add my UIView to the key UIWindow :

NSArray * windows = [[UIApplication sharedApplication] windows];
UIWindow* win0 = [windows objectAtIndex:0];

[win0 addSubview:loadingView];
[win0 bringSubviewToFront:loadingWindow];
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