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I'm using blur() to copy what the user writes in a form into a summary page at the end of a registration wizard. And this is working great.

But when I preset some field values and these are correct, nothing is copied since the user probably don't gonna interacted with that particular filed. They'll just gonna click continue.

Is there a way to trigger all text fields, textareas in order get those values copied aswell?

This is the function I'm using:

 *  Author: Thomas Kile
 *  Desc:   Copy text from a form element into a given tag.
 *  @param string $type type of form element
 *  @param string $from Id of form element to copy text/value from.
 *  @param string $to Id of element to copy text/value into.
    function copyFormData(type,from,to)
        switch (type)
            case 'text':  var copied_text = $(from).val();  break; //  get input text value
            case 'select': var copied_text = $(from+' option:selected').text();  break;
        $(to).text(copied_text);   //  put inside this tag

And this is how I'm using it:

$(firstName).blur(function(){   copyFormData('text',firstName,'strong#firstName');  });
$(lastName).blur(function(){    copyFormData('text',lastName,'strong#lastName');    });

Where should I put a trigger() event? I used trigger() on a select>first option once the list was fetched with getJSON in order to populate next list automatically in a chained select thing. But that was a bit different...

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not direct way but you can set all possible events like keyboard keydown and so on to handle with Your_copier function. if i didnt get point of your problem tell me please –  Maziar Aboualizadeh Behbahani Jun 8 '12 at 9:59

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You can use trick :)

  //each input event one by one... will be blured
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$('input[type=text], textarea').blur();

Or (potentially faster if everything is bound with jQuery):

$('input[type=text], textarea').triggerHandler('blur');
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Have you tried .trigger() ?


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i think he know trigger, refer to title of question –  Maziar Aboualizadeh Behbahani Jun 8 '12 at 10:01

How about, taking your copy input to summary code and putting it into a function. keep the blur as it is (except calling this function rather than inline code) and on $(document).ready() select all of your text boxes and copy them over if they contain anything. Simpler than trying to fudge events.

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just updated my first post. I don't use inline coding, and I'm using blur as it is. I call a function I put together for this particular form when the user leaves the field... –  ThomasK Jun 8 '12 at 12:29
So why not just call the copyFormData in $(document).ready to populate the defaults? Or is there a step in your form I'm missing? –  Jeff Watkins Jun 8 '12 at 14:16
Didn't understand your question. It's a regular form i guess. Although it's separated into three different "pages" in a scrollable similar to this: jquerytools.org/demos/scrollable/wizard.html –  ThomasK Jun 13 '12 at 7:17

you could try to trigger them programmatically by firing up


api.jquery.com/trigger is your friend :-)

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You can use bellow code it will help you

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