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Once in a while I get the message from git. My questions regarding this are:

  1. Why does this happen?
  2. How can I prevent this from happening again?
  3. How does this affect my commits or any other git actions I may take?

I realize similar questions have been posted to StackOverflow, but I don't believe they address this message in particular.

Your name and email address were configured automatically based on your username and hostname. Please check that they are accurate. You can suppress this message by setting them explicitly:

git config --global "Your Name"
git config --global

After doing this, you may fix the identity used for this commit with:

git commit --amend --reset-author
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Are you getting this on the same workstation when working under the same user account, and you can guarantee the user's configuration directory is always available? The idea is that global git configuration is stored in the .gitconfig file located in your per-user configuration directory. Since you told us exactly zero info about your system, I can't guess much more. – kostix Jun 8 '12 at 10:15
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Git simply detects you don't have the following section in your config files:

    name = <your name>
    email = <your mail>
  • <project_path>/.git/config for the project specific config file.
  • ~/.gitconfig the global config file

When you do:

git config --global "Your Name"
git config --global

Git writes that information into the configuration file (--global means in the global config file).

To have a the correct Author section in a commit like the following example commit:

commit 79eeaa9f22321580a0e5bee6e237331691cd3b68
Author: Sandro Munda <>
Date:   Thu Jun 8 10:40:05 2012 +0200

    My first commit

You need to reset the commit information with the command:

git commit --amend --reset-author

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That's simply because you didn't set your global and and so git has to guess them when creating a new repository.

Use this :

git config --global ""
git config --global "ha"

So next time those settings will be used.

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You have not set the default user name and email for you "desktop user account".

Follow the instructions that you posted to do so.

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