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I have a list of itmes, each item has one checkbox and one text input box. When the checkbox is checked, I want to set this item's "menu_order_input" value to 0.

 jQuery(document).ready( function($) {

With the above code, when one checkbox is checked, all items menu_order_input value got set to 0. How can I get this function to change one item's value only?

[edit] The menu_order_input" is wrapped inside a div, the checkbox is without any wrapper. it's inserted into the html before the "menue_order" div by javascript.

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You have to select the .menu_order_input that is related to the changed checkbox, not all of them. How this is to be done depends on your HTML markup, which only you know atm ;) However, jQuery has fantastic documentation, I recommend to read through the traversal methods: – Felix Kling Jun 8 '12 at 10:48

it depnends on your HTML markup.

if they're both in a table row, for example you can use $(this).closest('tr').find('menu_order_input').val(0);

or if the input immediately follows the checkbox, then use: $(this).next('.menu_order_item').val(0);

or any of numerous other functions from jQuery: Traversing the DOM

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