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On my search results page I would like to display the phrase that the user searched for.

For example, instead of using the title Search Results: as you can see in the screenshot, I would instead like to use the title Search Results for vitae:

Is it possible to pull in the searched word/s?

At present the title is hard coded within the web part container that surrounds the search results web part.

Screenshot of search results currently: enter image description here

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I have had a response back from Kentico about how to do this. See solution below.

Your Search Results: text is filled probably in the Container title property of your smart search web part, so please just change it to the following one:

Search Results for {?searchtext?}:

This works perfectly! {?searchtext?} pulls in the searched word.

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Thanks for posting this! –  contactmatt Dec 10 '12 at 19:23

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