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I'm grabbing a list of a users friends, into a collection, and I want to iterate over those friends so that the user can select a friend and do a bunch of stuff later.

in my initalize I've got

friends = new MyApp.Collections.UserFriends();
friends.fetch({ data: $.param({ search: this.model.attributes.user_id}),
            success: function(){

            error: function(){
                alert('error getting friends');

         friends.bind('fetched', this.render(),this);

Then in my render I have


my handlebars is

ok, I have the right handlebar template
{{#each models}}
<li>   {{attributes.username}}</li>

the friends collection in the console is, so I can see that the models are there.

byCid: Object
_byId: Object
_callbacks: Object
length: 39
models: Array[39]
__proto__: q

my concern was that the problem was that render was being triggered before the collection was made, but that is what I thought the friends.bind('fetched',this.render(), this) was supposed to resolve.

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There is no 'fetched' event in Backbone, try to use 'reset',

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thanks Yaroslav, I tried reset, but still nothing showing up in the handlebar template. I was sure I had been told to use 'fetched' before. – pedalpete Jun 8 '12 at 12:23
And remove brackets friends.bind('fetched',this.render/*()*/, this) (this javascript...) – Yaroslav Jun 8 '12 at 13:03

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