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in a asp.net web application, I am using AJAX to submit a form. I want to run a javascript code before submitting it. So I did this:

@using (Ajax.BeginForm("SaveProductDetails", "Store", new AjaxOptions
HttpMethod = "Post",
LoadingElementId = "progress",
OnBegin = "BeforeSubmit()",
OnSuccess = "closeMe()",
OnFailure = "doAlert('An error occurred while trying to save your changes. Please contact your Administrator')"

But the problem is that After running the BeforeSubmit() function the submit is stopping. the form is not submitting.

There is no problems with the BeforeSubmit() function. If I dont do anything with the OnBegin, the form submits properly. Any help is greatly Appreciated.

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after begin your request should be Async –  Maziar Aboualizadeh Behbahani Jun 8 '12 at 11:37

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You can do something like below.

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    @using (Html.BeginForm("ActionName", "ControllerName", FormMethod.Post, new { @id = "frmId", @name = "frmId" }))
            @*Your code*@
            @*You have to define input as a type button not as a sumit. *@            
            <input value="Submit" type="button" id="btnSubmit" onclick="ValidateUser()" />

    <script type="text/javascript">

    function ValidateUser() {
    // Do your verification here.

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