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I have a java file path


I want to replace the file path to here root path will remain same but want to change file name from myfile.jar to Test.xml


How can i do this in java any help?

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This is the proper way to do it:

File myfile = new File("/opt/.../myinsidefolder/myfile.jar");
File test = new File(myfile.getParent(), "Test.xml");

Or, if you prefer working with strings only:

String f = "/opt/test/myfolder/myinsidefolder/myfile.jar";
f = new File(new File(f).getParent(), "Test.xml").getAbsolutePath();

System.out.println(f); // /opt/test/myfolder/myinsidefolder/Test.xml
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Check out the Java Commons IO FilenameUtils class.

That has numerous methods for reliably disassembling and manipulating filenames across different platforms (it's worth looking at for many other useful utilities too).

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IMHO, if a third party lib does what you want o do, use that lib. Especially when it comes from apache. And even more so when the libs name starts with "commons". –  Ludwig Magnusson Jun 8 '12 at 12:17
But don't add a third party lib for something this simple that can be accomplished in a single line of standard JDK code (yes i know the answers have 2 or 3 lines, but those could be combined since most likely the intermediate parent file variables are not needed after the new file creation). –  Matt Jun 8 '12 at 13:14
File f = new File("/opt/test/myfolder/myinsidefolder/myfile.jar");
File path = f.getParentFile();
File xml = new File(path, "Test.xml");
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A more direct approach using only JRE available class File :

String parentPath = new File("/opt/test/myfolder/myinsidefolder/myfile.jar").getParent();
new File(parentPath, "Test.xml");
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