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while i am using the facebook og:image meta tag , when i put

  <meta property="og:image"   content="<?=$config['SITE_URL'].'Images/Items/Thumbnails/thumb_Item24.jpg'?>" />

the object debugger accepts and finds the image , but when i put it like this:

<meta property="og:image"   content="<?=$config['SITE_URL'].'Images/Items/Thumbnails/thumb_'.$itemImage?>"/> 

where $itemImage is Item24.jpg , object debugger doesn't recognize it. why ? anything wrong with the concatination ??

and another thing.

can i put a meta tag in an if clause? like

 <?if(case A) { 
       <meta property="og:image"   content="ImageA">
       <meta property="og:image"   content="ImageB">

because when i am doing that, it is always taking image B although condition A is true.

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Are you clearing Facebook's cache of your page after you change the meta tags? The meta tags for a URL shouldn't change very often, the cache is only cleared once every 24 hours or so unless you use Facebook's Debug Tool to clear it manually

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i am testing the page through Facebook's debug tool, so yes cache is cleared. –  user1395625 Jun 8 '12 at 12:33
And which tags are you serving to Facebook's debugger? If you don't trust the debugger, check manually with in a terminal with curl: curl -i -H '\''Accept: */*'\'' -H '\''Range: bytes=0-40960'\'' -H '\''Connection: close'\'' -A '\''facebookexternalhit/1.1 (+http://www.facebook.com/externalhit_uatext.php)'\''' <URL HERE> will replicate the same request Facebook makes –  Igy Jun 8 '12 at 12:58
i am sure it is cleared because when i try different cases the image in the debugger is changing. nothing is stuck.. so you r saying you can't see anything wrong in the concatenation? and what about my second question.anything wrong with this condition? i am a beginner in all these stuff. –  user1395625 Jun 8 '12 at 13:07
„so you r saying you can't see anything wrong in the concatenation?” – so you’re saying you haven’t checked this yourself before even asking here by simply having a look into the HTML code your script generates …? –  CBroe Jun 8 '12 at 13:51

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