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I can execute the following script in powershell successfully but when i try to run the script from a .bat i am unsucessful.Is there a certain way that the .bat file calls the powershell script as it keeps failing. How would i create a .bat script to run the powershell script below.

cd 'Program Files (x86)\Citrix \XenApp \ServerConfig' .\XenAppConfigConsole.exe /ExecutionMode:Join /FarmName:xencity /OdbcUsername:chris /odbcPassword:Jahner0 /DsnFile:"C:\xencitylifeSQLDS.dsn"

Please help guys Many thanks

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You can do this by putting powershell at the start of the command

powershell cd 'Program Files (x86)\Citrix \XenApp \ServerConfig' .\XenAppConfigConsole.exe /ExecutionMode:Join /FarmName:xencity /OdbcUsername:chris /odbcPassword:Jahner0 /DsnFile:"C:\xencitylifeSQLDS.dsn"

That just calls up powershell and gives it your command to run, except your running it in cmd.

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