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No configuration or annotation is needed when setting request header "Accept=application/json"

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It's almost automatic. Referring to


Jackson is automatically selected and registered when it is in the classpath (i.e. pom.xml) and you use mvc:annotation-driven in your context config.

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I use the annotations in Java to enable MVC and it works fine automatically the one way: When the client makes a request and has the accept-header to application/json, Jackson is invoked - it's when trying to post json things don't work automatically –  Torben Vesterager Jun 11 '12 at 10:06
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It does work automatically - in my controller I used an incorrect annotation - I used @RequestParam - it must be @RequestBody

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In my situation, I fixed it with using another source for Jackson, because @RequestBody does not converted to the type I expect.

Instead of Codehause Jackson, I use now fasterxml:

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