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Excel has the MROUND function which rounds a number up/down to a given multiple.

=MROUND(600, 400) //--> 800
=MROUND(14,4)     //--> 16
=MROUND(0.5,2)    //--> 0

What is the equivalent function for PHP?

If there is none, how would you do it?

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The PHPExcel implementation of MROUND()

function MROUND($number,$multiple) {
    if ((is_numeric($number)) && (is_numeric($multiple))) {
        if ($multiple == 0) {
            return 0;
        if ((SIGNTest($number)) == (SIGNTest($multiple))) {
            $multiplier = 1 / $multiple;
            return round($number * $multiplier) / $multiplier;
        return 'NAN';
    return 'NAN';
}   //  function MROUND()

function SIGNTest($number) {
    if (is_bool($number))
        return (int) $number;
    if (is_numeric($number)) {
        if ($number == 0.0) {
            return 0;
        return $number / abs($number);
    return 'NAN';
}   //  function SIGN()
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Indeed this is the best implementation, I really like that you're also checking to make sure it's the right types before doing the calculation. It's foolproof, thanks! Here's a live example. :) – ShadowScripter Jun 8 '12 at 13:35

The basic logic is this:

$number= 600;
$unit= 400;
$remainder= $number % unit;
$mround = ($remainder < $unit/2) ? $number - $remainder : $number + ($unit-$remainder);

You'll need to validate your inputs to be sure they are numbers and to avoid dividing by zero.

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