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I have an MVC application which uses Windsor everywhere and it works fine everywhere with Windsor Castle, but now I am adding a new code into it and it is not working properly. I configured Castle with the following code:

   public void Install(IWindsorContainer container, IConfigurationStore store)

The FileUploadService is defined as follow:

  public class FileUploadService : IFileUploadService

            public FileUploadService(string x)
      // use x        

I am sure that the installer line is calling (Debug shows that the line is runs at the start of application.

I have a Controller which is defined as follow:

   public FileUploadController(IConfiguration Configuration, IFileUploadService fileUploadService)
        this.Configuration = Configuration;
        this.fileUploadService = fileUploadService;

When I run this application, I am getting this error:

   Can't create component 'FileUploadService' as it has dependencies to be satisfied. 
   FileUploadService is waiting for the following dependencies: 

    Keys (components with specific keys)
    - x which was not registered.

What is the problem? I have similar code which they are working.

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I found the problem: The above code works on Windsor 3.x but my application uses 2.5. the correct way of doing this in version 2.5 is as follow:

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