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Everything works on the Ror's own server (Webrick), but when I tried out on Apache(+Passenger mod) I got always 404 (not found) error.

You can check this here:

I think the main problem is that I can't access the app's public folder...

My vhost file:


DocumentRoot /var/www/
RackBaseURI /rails/phoenix/public

<Directory /var/www/rails/phoenix/public >
    AllowOverride all
    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks -MultiViews
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all


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If you put a static html file in the public folder, can you access it? – Oscar Del Ben Jun 8 '12 at 14:45
Not really. There are some html files by default (404, 422, 500...). I can't access these pages... – Seymor Jun 8 '12 at 14:49
You should probably ask on the superuser site. – Oscar Del Ben Jun 8 '12 at 14:51

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