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I want to use Qt Creator with MS VC++ 11 but it says there is no toolchain to build Qt. I installed Qt with the full SDK installer. What to do now?

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Isn't MSVC++ 11 comes with Visual Studio 11? If so then Qt hasn't supported makespec file for that version AFAIK (correct me if I am wrong). But following are the (rough) steps for running Qt Creator with MSVC 2010 nmake/cl tool-chain..

  1. Download Qt SDK 4.8.2 compiled using msvc-2010 toolchain from this site (second page).
  2. Install MS VC++ 2010 free development tools (or full SDK), which comprises of nmake/cl/cdb executables.
  3. Restart PC so as to initialize environment variable and all.
  4. Start Qt Creator, by now you will notice msvc-2010 tool-chain has been identified by Qt Creator (Tools -> Options Dialog). If not then manually add it.
  5. Also confirm that Qt version 4.8.2 of msvc-2010 has been identified in Qt Versions tab. If not then manually add it by giving path of qmake in bin of Qt SDK folder. It will also select msvc-2010 tool-chain automatically.
  6. Here you go, now go to Projects and in Build Settings, select msvc-2010 tool-chain and compile. Make sure win32-msvc2010 is selected as makespec file.

Hope this helps.

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try building using the makespec of Visual Studio 2010.

SET QMAKESPEC=win32-msvc2010

before running configure and qmake should do the job

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