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When i run this SQL query via psql client it runs for several seconds (~90 seconds, that's normal since its a huge table) and it return, then i can check that my line is successfully inserted.

SELECT merge_data('898989', '111111111', '10000')

It is a stored procedure that runs an UPDATE or INSERT, the procedure is ran without errors and i get my entry in the table.

When trying to do the same from a python program, the query take 2 seconds and returns no errors, i get nothing in my table; for information, the statement is successfully executed on postgresqk backed (i can see it in pgsql logs), here's my code snippet:

conn = psycopg2.connect("...")
cursor = conn.cursor()

    cursor.callproc("merge_data", ['898989', '111111111', '10000'])
    print "ERROR !"

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Resolved !

By default, psycopg2 doesnt autocommit on each executed statement, so once i close the connection (at the end) all pending transactions are discarded as if a ROLLBACK was performed.

One may call conn.commit() after each cursor.execute() or .callproc, or just set it at a global scope using

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You aren't calling cursor.execute() to actually execute the SQL.

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cursor.callproc() is executing the statement, anyway, even cursor.execute("SELECT merge_date....") has the same effect – Fourat ZOUARI Jun 8 '12 at 14:42

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