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This just started this morning. A CFC I was working on yesterday, which does a simple insert into a table, started inserting duplicate rows (2 rows for each single insert). I removed a bunch of extraneous code and simplified it and same thing. So I moved just the cfquery to a separate page and just hard coded in 3 values - same thing - 2 rows inserted. If I copy and paste the same query into mysql it works as expected - just one row inserted. So I wrote a new simple query for a different table and it's happening there as well.

However - other pages/functions in our system are not doing this. Just seemingly anything new I create or what I was working on yesterday and this morning.

The auto increment in MySQL is advancing, and I put a datetime column in and populate it with #now()# and that does show a slightly different timestamp between rows. However - the CF debugger only shows the one insert query, even though CF seems to be firing it twice.

I've restarted the CF service and that hasn't helped.

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Sharing some code with us would be useful. Also, checking in the repository/source control for what may have changed between yesterday and today by other team members would be a good idea (e.g. data access functions and helper methods). – lkaradashkov Jun 8 '12 at 15:08

Simply put, *$#$^!~@! Firefox.

Something in browser seemed to be causing this. I'll have to test further but switching browsers and everything is back to normal.

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I'm thinking this isn't browser specific but your browser specific. Did you try in firefox on another box? I'm thinking perhaps a monitoring tool or something similar is firing it (like attempting to get the source for the page is executing it again, etc). BTW, not a big firefox fan or anything, chrome user ;) – Nate Jun 8 '12 at 15:54
FF does start to misbehave after a full day's work if I'm using that. It could have been something either Firebug or ColdFire was doing - sending a 2nd http request to the server for some reason. – Steve Jun 9 '12 at 12:42

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