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I am trying read zip file from HTTP GET request. One way to do it is by saving the response body to a physical file first and then reading the zip file to read the files inside the zip.

Is there a way to read the files inside directly without having to save the zip file into a physical file first?

My current code:

Net::HTTP.start("") do |http|
  resp = http.get("/ct2/results/download?id=15002A")
  open("C:\\", "wb") do |file|
end"C:\\") do |zipfile|
  xml ="search_result.xml")
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Looks like you're using rubyzip, which can't unzip from an in-memory buffer.

You might want to look at using Chilkat's Ruby Zip Library instead as it supports in-memory processing of zip data. It claims to be able to "Create or open in-memory Zips", though I have no experience with the library myself. Chilkat's library isn't free, however, so that may be a consideration. Not sure if there is a free library that has this feature.

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One way might be to implement in-memory file, so that RubyZip can still play with your file without changing anything.

You sould take a look at this Ruby Hack

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