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I want to be able to seat a party at table. First I need to display the form, so I create the model form with a extra field called open_tables. This has to be every table marked AVAILABLE that has the capacity. The problem is that I don't know how to reference the number_in_party field from the queryset. I've tied self.base_fields, but self doesn't work. I've tried SeatPartyForm.model.number_in_party, that doesn't work. This is happening on the get, and number_in_party is filled at this point. Is there any way to do this query?

class SeatPartyForm( ModelForm):

open_tables = forms.ModelChoiceField(queryset=Table.objects.filter(status__exact=Table.AVAILABLE).exclude(max_capacity__lt =  model.base_fields['number_in_party']))
class Meta:
    model = Party
    fields = ('name', 'number_in_party')`
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You don't know the actual number_in_party before user fills in one. The server-side Django form cannot do the limitation automatically for you.

Thus you need to either change open_tables after number_in_party is available, via javascript; or split the form to two parts, in the first part user fills in number_in_party, in the second part, in server side you could filter open_tables according to the ready value of number_in_party.

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This is on the get, and it's the interpreter that's causing the issues. I also updated the question, at the point this is being used number_in_party is already set. – Jim Barrows Jun 9 '12 at 14:29

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