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I have read many topics here, but I can't find my answer. I have a progressBar using the ProgressBar class.

Just doing this:

progressBar = new ProgressBar(this, null, android.R.attr.progressBarStyleHorizontal);

I need to change the color of that one, using input value like so:

int color = "red in RGB value".progressBar.setColor(color)

or something like that...

I can't use an XML layout because the progress bar is customizable for users. I would be very grateful if you can help me doing that.

Thank you for your time,

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As I found help on a topic here but can't remember the link, I'm posting my full solution which works great for my needs:

    // Draw a simple progressBar from xml
    progressBar = new ProgressBar(this, null, android.R.attr.progressBarStyleHorizontal);

    // Convert the color (Decimal value) to HEX value: (e.g: #4b96a0)
    String color = colorDecToHex(75, 150, 160);

    // Define a shape with rounded corners
    final float[] roundedCorners = new float[] { 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5 };
    ShapeDrawable pgDrawable = new ShapeDrawable(new RoundRectShape(roundedCorners,     null, null));

    // Sets the progressBar color

    // Adds the drawable to your progressBar
    ClipDrawable progress = new ClipDrawable(pgDrawable, Gravity.LEFT, ClipDrawable.HORIZONTAL);

    // Sets a background to have the 3D effect

    // Adds your progressBar to your layout

And here is the code to convert DECIMAL color values to HEXADECIMAL:

public static String colorDecToHex(int p_red, int p_green, int p_blue)
    String red = Integer.toHexString(p_red);
    String green = Integer.toHexString(p_green);
    String blue = Integer.toHexString(p_blue);

    if (red.length() == 1)
        red = "0" + red;
    if (green.length() == 1)
        green = "0" + green;
    if (blue.length() == 1)
        blue = "0" + blue;

    String colorHex = "#" + red + green + blue;
    return colorHex;

I think the last method is not that clean but it works well.

Hope this well help, too much time wasted on this progressbar.

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This will help much no need to do so much coding :)

ProgressBar spinner = new android.widget.ProgressBar(

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It is possible to colorize the Progress bar by setting the color filter on the progress bar drawable:

Drawable drawable = progressBar.getProgressDrawable();
drawable.setColorFilter(new LightingColorFilter(0xFF000000, customColorInt));
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Thats what I tried. However, using this method, colors are a bit weird... In fact, if I want to just have the color: RGB = #5ea618 with a dark grey background color, what should I do ? Because if for example, I'm doing: new LightingColorFilter(0xFF000000, 0xFF5ea618)); the progressBar color is green, but I can't see it moving. –  hico Jun 11 '12 at 10:32
If you want full control you should create the graphics of the progress bar yourself. –  Moritz Jun 11 '12 at 18:55

This post is what you're looking for: How to change progress bar's progress color in Android

If you want the user to choose their own colors, just make multiple-drawable XML files for each color, and select them based on the user's choice.

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