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Is it possible to make javaFX 2.0 table with multiline header? All the examples, which i have found on the web, have tables, where columnt header width = its text size, without wraping. The exaple of what i have, and what i need is shown on a screen:enter image description here

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I came up with the following function:

private void makeHeaderWrappable(TableColumn col) {
  Label label = new Label(col.getText());
  label.setStyle("-fx-padding: 8px;");

  StackPane stack = new StackPane();

A complete executable example is in this gist (requires the 2.2 developer preview as a minimum).

There is probably a better way to do this, but the function above did at least work for me in my test case.

I thought this would be achievable with a simple css style, but I could not get it to work via css alone.

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The easiest way to align header text is with CSS style, like this:

.table-view .column-header .label {
  -fx-text-alignment: center;

Use new line escape sequence "\n" in header text string to split it into multiple lines.

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