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I'm a noob to RoR, so any help/clarification is appreciated.

Is the .gitignore file in Rails universal/global to all of Rails, or does each project/app have its own .gitignore?

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A default .gitignore is created when you create a new Rails app. That file tells git to ignore the things that are in a default Rails app that should probably be ignored.

If there are other files that should be ignored in your specific app, you can make changes to the .gitignore. If you're not using git, you can delete the file entirely.

It's basically there to encourage best practices, but is in no way required to run a Rails app.

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.gitignore is a Git file, it has nothing to do with Rails.

A .gitignore file will apply to the directory it is in and any subdirectories. You can create .gitignore files in subdirectories to have them only apply to those subdirectories and their descendants.

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There's a .gitignore_global file in your ~/ directory that every git instance references. Git is independent of rails. the .gitignore file is restricted to the initialized repository.

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