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Note: The title may be misleading. If you understand my problem and think of something more descriptive - please change it.

I've got a strange situation where the responses from a survey are all character, rather than numeric. It seems that R, really doesn't like this. Let's say I asked a question:

Q. In what area do you work? 
None of the above

But respondents were only from the east, west and central.

dat <- rep(c("East", "West", "Central"),100)

Now, for presentation purposes, it's important that I include North, south and None of the above, even if they are none. However, factoring those elements in is challenging.

Let's try:

fac1 <- factor(dat, labels=c("East","West","Central","North","South","None of the above"))

Error in factor(dat, labels = c("East", "West", "Central", "North", "South",  : 
  invalid labels; length 6 should be 1 or 3

Basically, what i'd like to do is factor this data with the missing values. So that when I type something like summary(fac1) it shows them having 0 responses in that category.

There has to be an easier way to do this!

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Almost there. You need to use the levels argument:

fac1 <- factor(dat, levels=c("East","West","Central","North","South","None of the above"))
 Factor w/ 6 levels "East","West",..: 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 ...

The difference between levels and labels is this:

  • levels defines the factor levels in your data
  • labels allows you to rename the factor levels in one go.

For example:

fac2 <- factor(
  levels=c("East","West","Central","North","South","None of the above"),
  labels=c("E", "W", "C", "N", "S", "Other")
Factor w/ 6 levels "E","W","C","N",..: 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 ...
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Have to be impressed at the speed of the ol' hive mind :) –  Tim P Jun 8 '12 at 16:44

Not an expert, but is this any help?

fac1 <- factor(dat, levels = 
               c("East","West","Central","North","South","None of the above"))
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