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So, what I'm trying to do is populate a table, in this case called entity_info, with information from an SQL database. I need two values from the table in order to do this, entity_category and entity_name.

Whilst populating the table, I do something like this:

var rows = db.execute('SELECT DISTINCT entity_name FROM entity_info');
var rows2 = db.execute('SELECT entity_category FROM entity_info');

while (rows.isValidRow()) {
    //herp derp herp creating a table...
    var name = Ti.UI.createLabel({
        text : rows.fieldByName('entity_name'),
        color : '#666',
        left : '50dp',
        font : {
            fontSize : 22,
            fontWeight : 'bold',
            fontFamily : 'Arial'
        backgroundColor : '#fff'
    var category = Ti.UI.createLabel({
        text : rows2.fieldByName('entity_category'),
        color : '#666',
        left : '60dp',
        top : '40dp',
        font : {
            fontSize : 13,
            fontFamily : 'Arial',
            fontStyle : 'italic'

But, that doesn't work for my purposes because it splits the two statements up and messes the ordering of the name to category matching. So, what I need to do is take one request (and just use the single rows variable), and then use that for the while statement and setting the text of each label.


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Did you try combining the SQL statements in rows and rows2?

var rows: db.execute('SELECT DISTINCT entity_name, entity_category FROM entity_info');

And just use rows as is.

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Worked, simple and easy. – JTApps Jun 8 '12 at 20:19

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