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I have a PostgreSQL table with some doubles, they store precentages. so let's say the columns are:


What I want is to order by whichever of these two columns has the highest amount descending, and then by the other column, again descending.

So if our data is, say:

id  pc_1  pc_2 
 1  12.5  11.0
 2  10.0  13.2
 3  13.2  9.0

select * from mytable order by <something> would give:

 2  10.0  13.2
 3  13.2  9.0
 1  12.5  11.0
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FROM    mytable
        GREATEST(pc_1, pc_2) DESC, LEAST(pc_1, pc_2) DESC
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Huh, not sure I missed greatest and least all these years. Thanks! – Tom Carrick Jun 8 '12 at 17:12
Note that GREATEST and LEAST are not standard SQL. – Charles Jun 23 '13 at 4:44
select *
from mytable
order by 
case when pc_1 > pc_2 then pc_1 else pc_2 end desc,
case when pc_1 > pc_2 then pc_2 else pc_1 end desc
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