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I want to get the <param> tags inside the <object> tag in IE8 using Selenium. IE8's Developer tools shows the <param> tags inside <object> (the effect of the code is working, the video is playing) but when I try to access them using Selenium, it says StaleElementReferenceException (the page does not use AJAX), the reason I think it says that is because when I try and get the page source from Selenium, the <object> tag is empty! I inserted a <p> tag in my source code, refresh the page and and tried getting page_source from Selenium and only the <p> shows inside the <object> tag, what happened to the <param> tags, why don't they show?

How can I verify the attributes of the <param> tags if I Selenium thinks they are not there (even the they are)?

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I've gotten it to work by executing javascript to get certain attributes of the param tag. But I still want to know why Selenium can't see the param tags and does anyone have a better solution? Obviously the selenium way is better than a js workaround. – S.Muse Jun 8 '12 at 19:35
The page_source() really usually gets only the original unmodified source code which doesn't reflect any DOM changes. I can't solve the StaleElementReferenceException without knowing more about the page and the code you're using for getting the element. If it's changing all the time due to the video playing, it might be unsolvable. If it just appears once and doesn't change since, you're doing some sort of mistake. Usually the exception is thrown after you try to access an element that has changed significantly (e.g. its DOM position) since the time you found it. – Slanec Jun 9 '12 at 15:56
@Slanec Like I said, the page_source that I got, the <object> tags do not contain the <param> tags, so it's empty, it's obviously not returning the original page source in my case. – S.Muse Jun 21 '12 at 21:28

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