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I am having trouble changing the color of a menu item (.category) on hover of a submenu in a sidebar that I am working on for my website. As you can see in the jsFiddle exmaple below, when a user hovers over a category, a submenu opens up, and when a user hovers a submenu item the hover color is orange. I would like to keep that orange on hover for the submenu items. At the same time, I would like the menu item (category) color to change while the submenu is open, to a light blue.

I tried using css alone to accomplish this but the hover colors change for all children, which is not what I want. I'd appreciate any help in resolving this, as this is an ongoing issue that I have been trying to figure out.

What I tried so far:

 $(this).find(".submenu").show().parent().css('color', 'lightblue'); 



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The problem is that links have a high-priority default blue color applied. To change the color, you need to actually change it on the link. I put this in the hover() code, and it worked:

$(this).find("a").eq(0).css("color", "#2B60DE");

This finds the first child link of the li.category tag (further child links are the actual menu items) and changes the color to light blue (#2B60DE). In the mouseleave() code, put that same code, but leave the actual value blank, like so:

$(this).find("a").eq(0).css("color", "");
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Thank you David, this is exactly what I need. –  AnchovyLegend Jun 8 '12 at 18:05
Glad to help :) –  D. Strout Jun 8 '12 at 18:07
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I have tried to change color on first element and it is working you can check in jsfiddle.

Further you should apply style to class and add/remove class via javascript.


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thanks for the response. Your jsfiddle doesn't work well;) –  AnchovyLegend Jun 8 '12 at 18:04
check the first element i add the class on first element only and first answer is great same technique –  Imran Rashid Jun 8 '12 at 18:13
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Not a JQuery solution, but look at this answer on how to style a parent element.

Especially its second jsfiddle sample (pure css2) which does what you are looking for, I think.

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