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The default keyboard shortcut for open resource in Eclipse is Ctrl+Shift+R. It is also the case in Aptana, but there also seems to be a conflicting key since when clicked it brings up a context menu with 2 options "Run" and "Open Resource". How to I avoid having this context menu pop up?

I tried to go to the preferences and look for conflicting key-bindings but I could not find it. I am also not sure what "Run" command is actually bound (I tried searching based on the key combination, that did not seem to have worked).

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it seems to me that what you want is to edit Aptana's Ruble files

take a look at Modifying the Built-In Bundles
and also Ruble specifications might help.

By the way, Aptana stores rubles in a directory called "Aptana Rubles", which you'll find in your user Documents directory (on Mac or Linux) or in your "User" directory (Windows)

Tutorial with more details here: Editing Aptana Key Shortcuts and rebinding commands such as open resource

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Can you be a little more specific? I did find that directory there, and assumer you can use the Aptana Rubles dir to override default behaviour, I am just not sure what Ruble and how to do it exactly. I was also hoping for a simpler, less involved solution. – yagudaev Jun 9 '12 at 19:08
sorry, i don't know much more than what i already wrote. maybe this will help.… – Ilan.K Jun 10 '12 at 19:38

An alternative fix to fix is to use a 'Cmd+T' key instead.

I familiar with Cmd+Shift+R too, but Cmd+T is a quick fix. Hope this help someone who comes across this.

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Yeah ReSharper also uses this key too. But I am so used to the other key. Thanks for the tip :). – yagudaev Jun 11 '12 at 19:49

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