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I'm just getting started with Android programming and have published my first app. I have TONS of stuff to learn about content providers, loaders, GPS, graphics, phone control etc. Was reading the Android cookbook and something called "unit testing" is on chapter 3 before anything else.

So I delved into the Android tutorial a bit and they assume I already know about stuff called "JUnit" etc, so now I have to learn THAT as well. It seems to be something I have to really study deeply.

So my question is this - I code alone and for fun. Maybe I'll freelance someday, so I'm working hard at it. But should I do as the cookbook says and take serious time off from learning other important Android concepts and figure out Unit Testing? I checked out some other questions on this site and people have recommended entire books on the thing.

So based on your experience, is this the right time for me to start learning about this magical tool?

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