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I know it's possible to get specific exif data by specifying the string tag in the ExifInterface. For example, getting the date of an image would be something like:

ExifInterface exif = new ExifInterface(pathToImage);

Is there a way to simply get all of the non-null available exif strings without having to manually write the get code for each of them?

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I had the same 'problem' and ended up using the metadata-extractor library:

Section 2 in the following link answers your question:

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Another robust EXIF data editor is Sanselan Android. Here is a blog post that talks about using Sanselan Android to copy EXIF metadata from one image file to another. This will copy all EXIF tags and marker notes, including custom EXIF tags:

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If you are only wanting simple data and are concerned about package size,

I found this link to an ExifHelper class hosted on Apache that looks quite handy. It simply copies Exif data from one file to another.

It could be easily extended to add allow getter/setter methods

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you can make an array of all tags that you wish to query, and put the non-null results of the query into a collection (maybe hashmap) or something else (maybe JsonObject)

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