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I just changed the README file and want to sync it in github, but it always tells me "You cannot sync with unstaged changes". Could someone tell me what it is and how should I fix this?

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Look at learn.github:


You need to:

So "unstaged changes" aren't linked to GitHub, but are local modifications on your local repo, which you haven't yet added to the index ("staged"), for a future commit.

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thx,man~I should learn more about github. –  chaonextdoor Jun 8 '12 at 21:43
@VonC I'm facing same issue and my question is what if some one has made a lot of changes in his project say(i.e added new java classes, added some icons and also deleted few java classes e.t.c)?In my case i made some major changes to my android project where i deleted a java class and added 2 java classes,few icons. Then i copy pasted the whole new project to the git folder on my windows machine replacing the old one.Then i opened the native Git Hub app and tried to sync but got this message "Unstaged changes" You cannot sync with unstaged changes Pls commit your changes and then try again –  Mohit Dec 11 '12 at 6:04
@Deadlock so couldn't you add and commit whatever git detects as untracked in git status? (also, check the status from a shell opened from the GitHub GUI: it will give you a more precise view of what is going on) –  VonC Dec 11 '12 at 6:40

You need to commit the change to your local GIT repository.

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if you have a file in source control,but your commit don't have the file,then the sync is forbidden , so you may check if all the files are committed.

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