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I hope it is possible because I couldn't find it anywhere on the web or in the XMPP/ejabberd docs: I run ejabberd and would like the ability for user1 (an administrator account) to be able to push a presence subscription request to user3 that appears to have come from user2. For security reasons I would have user1 be designated as a user with privileges to do this. Is this possible and can you give me any pointers?

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This should be possible if you write a plugin. –  Zash Jun 8 '12 at 21:23

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It can be managed through Ejabberd database.

Configure the Ejabberd to communicate with the external database (mysql or mssql).

Create the dynamic web page in any server-side prog. to login with admin on ejabberd and change the rosterusers table in the external database.

By default Ejabberd uses mnesia database. You can configure it with mssql or mysql.

For mssql :


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