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I'm using VS2012 RC. I have used Nuget to add in the Ajax Control Toolkit.

A few questions:

  1. Should the Toolbox populate with the AJAX Controls? I understand that I can add them in by creating a new tab and adding the dll, but do I need to do that everytime I start a new web project?

  2. In VS2008 when I included the AJAX Control Toolkit smart tags would start appearing on things like a textbox control allowing me to add an extender. In VS2012 the Smart tags do not appear so I end up manually having to add the extender to the code. Is this as expected? or is something not configured properly?

  3. I commonly use the textbox watermark control instead of labels for form fields. What is the preferred way to add watermark text? AJAXControl Toolkit or JQuery?

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