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I have developed an Android game that integrates facebook SDK for checking if one has liked and sharing results.

I heard from my mate that he had problem that made him unable to use the like for reward feature on my app, so I decided to install facebook app myself to check out the problem.

For some reason if I am trying to access the fb api reading data from URL "" it opens up facebook app on Android which only flashes and then turns off.. How can I avoid this or is there better way to check if one has liked my page in order to give him reward?

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how are you reading the facebook api? Is it using the function request which is found in facebook android sdk? – Sherif elKhatib Jun 12 '12 at 12:31
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I haven't used the Facebook API, but the Facebook app is probably opening because it's listening for broadcast Intents to "". You could explicitly send the intent to a browser package instead, but this isn't a good solution as there are many browsers.

I would try to do a HTTPS request using a Loader to fetch and parse the json. Have you tried this yet?

I can't paste any code right now, sorry.

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The problem was invalid key on facebook app page, but because of your helpful answer have the bounty! :) – Ruuhkis Jun 12 '12 at 13:06
Thanks a lot, glad you fixed the problem :) – Maragues Jun 12 '12 at 13:15

From your comment to above Answer , Glad to know that you solved your problem, Here is the answer for your Question

is there better way to check if one has liked my page

You can surely use FQL - Facebook Query Language to do this, given under the developer documentation in Facebook site.

There are Two different table

1.Page - where you can get all the detail about the page
2.Page_Fan - which you can use to know the fan-id for the page

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