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Works in IE, in Firefox the two fields are blank and name is undefined in EditUserRoles after it's assigned:

GetRows is called from the gridview, the calls editUserRoles

<asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Action">
                        <input type="button" id="btnEditUserRoles" style="width:60px;"  onclick="GetRows(this.parentNode.parentNode.rowIndex)" value="Edit" />

<input type="text" disabled="disabled" id="txtAkoUserName" />
<input type="text" id="txtUserName" />

function GetRows(index) {
        var userGrid = document.getElementById('<%=gridUserRoles.ClientID%>');
        EditUserRoles(index, userGrid);
function EditUserRoles(rowIndex, userGrid) {
    if (null != userGrid) {
        var userName = userGrid.rows[rowIndex].cells[0].innerText;
        var name = userGrid.rows[rowIndex].cells[1].innerText;
        LoadEditForm(userName, name);

function LoadEditForm(userName, name) {
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Firefox does not support innerText. Just use jQuery to avoid these cross browser issues (that's what it is there for):

var userName = $(userGrid.rows[rowIndex].cells[0]).text();
var name = $(userGrid.rows[rowIndex].cells[1]).text();
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thank you, it's now working :) – Avien Jun 8 '12 at 20:26

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