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I'm working on a project in J# that parses large amounts of data from a text file. Java doesn't have a good way of checking if a string is an integer, so I'm using parseInt inside a try-catch block.

I also have other try-catch blocks for file IO operations, etc. Sometimes I get CLR exceptions in other places where I'd like Visual Studio to break, even though the error is handled. To do this, I go into the Exceptions menu and check "Thrown". However, the Java exceptions apparently fall under CLR, but are not (ASAICT) specifically listed in that menu. So if I check Thrown for CLR, I get an error every single time an integer doesn't parse. This means I might have to hit continue 20-30 times to get past the parsing to the error I want to look at.

Is there any way to disable breaking on Java exceptions while still breaking on CLR exceptions?

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I haven't used visual studio and there may be some way of doing this (- I know you can set breakpoints to only occur on specific types of exceptions in eclipse).

But you could avoid the checked exception entirely by using a regular expression to check to see if it's an int and then only parse it as an integer using Integer.valueOf() if it is.

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You can set breakpoints to only occur on specific types of exceptions, but the Java exceptions aren't listed in the VS IDE. I'm not sure if it support regular expressions. I didn't want to use them but maybe I should try that. –  user1375838 Jun 8 '12 at 21:24
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