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I know the zxing library is the best library for generating barcodes, but they do not support Data Matrix barcodes.

I found a few alternatives, but none suite my needs:

  • I found a few which are commercial and pretty expensive
  • I found barcode4j, which is good, but doesn't seem to work on Android.

More on barcode4j: http://barcode4j.sourceforge.net/2.1/

It lists several options on generating the barcode(SAXON, Servlet, etc), none of which I think are possible with a standard android application. I may be wrong, but is it possible work with any of these solutions:

  • Servlet
  • Xalan
  • FOP
  • Ant
  • JavaBean
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If you look at the demo that comes with the download you should be able to make the "embedding" example work in Android.

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It still uses the GWT package –  Stanislav Palatnik Jun 8 '12 at 22:56

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